Easy Tips and Tricks for Looking Better in Photographs

Easy Tips and Tricks for Looking Better in Photographs

Ever find that you just cannot look your best for a photo? Join the club. There are always times when no matter how hard we try we cannot seem to get the perfect look for our photographs. It is especially frustrating when you know that the photo that is being taken will be recorded to make note of a memorable occasion, such as a wedding, anniversary or seasonal holiday. This article will discuss how you can look better in photographs, and how you can make the most of a picture, even when you might not be looking your best.


One of the biggest problems that photographs can create is that they can make a perfectly good pose look bad. A pose that could come across as completely normal in real life, can sometimes look staged or even awkward in picture form. The best way to know which poses work best with photos is to trial and error with a range of them, and see which ones you think looks the best. You can also ask your friends and family to see what they think before you decide which poses best suit you.

Some guidance when posing is that you should always aim to have your shoulders back (but relaxed). It is common for professional photographers to ask that if you are standing, that you ever so slightly turn and place your weight on your back leg. Depending on the purpose of the shot, it might also be recommendable that you refrain from being ridged or too tense. This comes across very negatively in casual photos or photographs of happy occasions. It is also crucial that if you are having a headshot taken of you, that you only have one ear showing. This can be achieved by tilting your head away from the camera, to the point where your second ear is inconspicuous to the lens.


Another important thing to consider when wanting to look your best in a photograph is to know which angles work best for you. If you do carry some “extra luggage” around your stomach area, you can reduce the eminence of this by simply changing the angle that the photograph is taken. Alternatively, you could decide to simply position yourself so that the shot does not focus as much on your stomach.

(Angles are very important for lighting effects too, as whilst lighting is always a great thing to have in a photo, if you are trying to look your best, then it can certainly be overdone.)

You should also know that typically, people look their best when they ever so slightly stick out their necks, and when the camera is positioned just above your eyes. This might be something to consider when you are either posing, or when you are taking a picture of someone else.

Use the best camera that you have.

This should be a no brainer, but some people seem to think that they can take a picture with a cheap camera, and still get the result they desire. This is simply not the case, and whilst the cheaper cameras do have their positives, mainly they are not able to capture enough detail in order to make you look your best. Often pictures taken with bad quality cameras can come out as grainy, under or over saturated and in general something that doesn’t particularly please the eye.

Now this does not now mean that you have to go out and spend an absolute fortune on a high quality camera, which you may only use for a couple of special occasions, but you need to know what a good quality camera can do for your photographs. Whilst having one of the super advanced cameras on the market will overall improve your look on photographs, you need to bear in mind that not only are they very expensive, but if they break, they can be an issue to replace. For this reason, your best bet is either to hire a professional photographer to take your pictures, or to purchase a camera that can produce high quality pictures, but does not massively go over your budget.