Wedding Photography Tips

Wedding Photography Tips

There comes a time in every wedding event that wedding photographers are unable to conceptualize into prints what was initially themed or planned. Most of the time, wedding photographers fail in delivering what is actually designed because of some oversights and perhaps minor negligence and carelessness that may cause a huge impact on how these pictures turn out.

If this is the case, it is always wise to go back to the basic drawing board and be more conscientious and, if possible, painstakingly meticulous as to how the pictures should be delivered. Thus, the planning stage is considered to be the most crucial.

Things to consider during the planning stage:

Wedding photography is not only an art it is a science. Thus, a systematic process must be used to ensure that the actual photo shoot deliberation is being done to a T, based on what is conceptualized during the planning stage. It is best that you talk this thru with the bride, as she is the most concerned with this aspect. Here are some of the details that you have to discuss during the planning stage:

• Theme of the wedding

You have to make it clear with the bride or any of her representatives on what the theme of the wedding is. That way, you can incorporate that theme in your photography techniques.

• Materials and props used for the photo shoot service

Should there be a pre-prenuptial photo shoot, it is best to also discuss materials and props to be used all throughout the session. Surely, we don’t want it to be delayed or moved just because we got short on wedding props.

• The 4Ws of the wedding event

Discuss who, what, when, and where of the wedding event. You have to be expressly open with the bride as to who should be in the most photos, what part of the event should be highlighted, including the date and the venue of the event.

Things to consider during the actual wedding

This is where the art of photography comes in. Thus, the following should be done in order to achieve that higher form of art that is required to capture great photos.

• Wear comfortable attire

No, this is not your time to shine and wear your best attire. If you are the official photographer, it is not wise to compete with the bridal entourage in your best attire. A photographer will always be in the most awkward of positions so as to catch the best shots so. Don’t strut it, shoot it!

• Be the photographer boss

Now, comes the family and friends picture taking. Surely, there will always be those know-it-all relative or family members who would be the commanding officer and take charge as to what poses to do and who they should pose with. Take charge! Remember, you are the one who is hired for this job so respectfully approach the “commander” and inform her to join the group so she may also be taken in the photo.

• Be alert

You’ll never know when that memorable moment happens. It could be during the wedding toast where the groom kisses the bride unexpectedly. Those moments that may look random could be a lifelong keepsake if you are able to shoot it!